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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Carmen has passed

Carmen passed away at 7:08 this morning, on Oct 30, 2007. She was not in any pain and was asleep with medications. She died peacefully.

I woke up suddenly at 4:30 this morning. I had a lot of anxiety for some reason. I realized my phone was not with me and went downstairs to get it. I was relieved that nobody had called in the middle of the night. I took the phone back upstairs with me and layed down again. 30-45 minutes later the hospital called and told me I should come in. I didn't wake anyone else up and went to the hospital. I got to the hospital, held her hand, and about 10-15 later she died. The nurse later said "I kept telling her to wait until her family arrived, and she did". I was glad to be with her.

Memorial services will be held at the chapel on Naval Submarine Base Point Loma at 10:00 AM on Saturday, November 10th, 2007. A reception will be held at the Harbor Inn (also on the submarine base) from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. This is difficult to say tactiful, but the chapel is small and I only request family and people that knew Carmen to attend. For example, we won't have room for supporters of supporters. In otherwords, if you were a past or present friend of Carmen, you are invited.

Carmen had requested that that in the event of her death, instead of sending flowers to her funeral, that you donate to the Sceroderma Foundation in her name. Website can be found at:

or phone number at 800-722-4673.

She thought that if you donate, and someday they can find a cure, then one day family and friends won't have to endure these hardships like we all did with Carmen. If you knew Carmen then you know this to be true.

A few days after the funeral, Carmen's ashes will be interned at Roscrans National Cemetary high on the hill overlooking the ocean in San Diego.

Thank you for all your support. The love and support you've shown during this difficult time has been amazing. She has touched many lives, and Dominic and I are awed and grateful to all the support given.


  • At 4:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    May God bless you Mike, Dominic and your family in this time of sorrow. I will keep Carmen in my heart always. She told me during one of our conversations at work, that I don't have much down time. I realized shortly afterwards She was right. I will cherish every talk we had about our kids and husbands. Sometimes we shared a little "too much information" about things. But it was all worth it. I thank God that I met Carmen. She was such a real person. I loved the fact that she could still laugh even when things were not great. Thank You Mike for everything you have done to keep us updated even though it was hard for you at times.
    May you rest in peace Carmen....


  • At 5:24 PM, Blogger Granny said…

    I am so sorry. Carmen and I had never met but we were online friends.

    My prayers are with you.

  • At 5:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am very sadden by Carmen's passing. I am a classmate of Carmen's. I don't have to tell anyone this because we all know that she was beautiful person inside and out. This is a poem that I would like to share:

    God saw she was getting tired
    And a cure was not to be.
    So he put His arms around her
    And whispered, "Come with Me.

    With tearful eyes we watched her suffer
    And saw her fade away.
    Althought we loved her dearly,
    We could not make her stay.

    A golden heart stopped beating,
    Hard working hands to rest.
    God broke our hearts to prove to us
    He only takes the best.

    My heart is with the entire family during this difficult time. Rest in peace my dear friend..

    Denise Knowles
    (Key West)

  • At 6:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    you are always in my heart carmen. my thoughts are with mike, d, aunt sharon, uncle marty and nikki-tony.

    love, amanda

  • At 6:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    God Bless you and your family. I also have scleroderma. Just know that she is in a better place without all the pain.


  • At 7:17 PM, Anonymous Chris said…

    Mike & Dominic, your wife/mom was a beautiful person who brought out the best in everyone she knew and I knew this the first time we met at the BBQ in New London. She had a way to make people laugh and just simply enjoy life. I know she treasured every minute she spent with both of you and we are all better people for have knowing her. I know she is up there in the big Margaritaville in the sky with a glass of wine looking down on us with a smile. I know the both of you have a HUGE support system there but you have a big one here in Bangor too and please use us if you need us. Dominic, i'm standing by with the jokes whenever you need to laugh and Mike, well you know we are here day or night anytime. Love ya both. Love ya Carmen, you will be missed!

  • At 7:21 PM, Blogger haggardmom said…

    I am so very sad, yet glad that she is not suffering. Although we have only known each other over the internet, I will very much miss her strength and wit.
    God Bless you Carmen, and Mike and Dominic too.

  • At 7:23 PM, Blogger Cynthia said…

    I will forever remember Carmen. I feel I am a better mother, friend and better person for having crossed paths with Carmen.

    We had so much in common as we both worked at schools and both fight Scleroderma. I will always remember to keep some positives in mind no matter how low I feel. She always finished her blogs with three positives and of those, Mike and Dominic were usually in that three. Anyone who knew Carmen knows how much she loved Mike and Dominic and loved life. Carmen put up the fight for way too long and her body was just wore out.

    As a person of faith, i have no doubt that carmen is in heaven looking down and hoping everyone can stay positive through the loss of Carmen here on earth. The Lord blessed me and anyone else who ever knew Carmen. Carmen has been such an inspiration.

    I realize you are not a religious person, but hope you and Dominic can find inner strength at this time and KNOW Carmen loved you two more than life itself. I hope Dominic will know how much his mom meant to others who are also battling Scleroderma and probably anyone else who knew her. Carmen is a fine woman and a great friend. We shared many conversations and each were as upbeat as they were detailing our ailments. I always though Carmen was an angel sent my way to help me realize that I needed to release my anger for Scleroderma and stand straight in front of it and fight, fight, fight.

    Your wife, your mom, your daughter, your friend, touched many lives in the short time she was here on earth.
    Carmen will never be forgotten. Carmen will always live in our hearts. I for one, learned alot from Carmen and I thank God that our paths crossed and I got to know Carmen, although via internet.

    My sympathies extend to your entire family at this time of sorrow.

    Cynthia Taylor
    Birmingham, Al.

  • At 7:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    To Mike, Dominic and all the people who loved Carmen...May happy memories replace the sadness in your heart. We will miss you Carmen.
    Marie & John

  • At 9:03 PM, Anonymous Cindi McDonald Zeligman said…

    May the Lord God, bless and hold you close during this time that words cannot express the loss and grief. Only God can bring that place of peace and comfort, Carmen is Home, where there is no more suffering, no more pain; she is whole again.

    She has touched so many lives - in person and via the internet. Sharing scleroderma with her, through anger and laughter; wondering if we met while living in the Keys at the same time ...God brought us together and I thank Him for the precious gift of her friendship and can only take comfort knowing that we will be together.. someday... in our Father's House.

    My thoughts and prayers are with the entire family through this time of sorrow.

    Cindi McDonald Zeligman
    Va Bch VA

  • At 9:09 PM, Anonymous Rick Cary said…

    Damn it Carmen, I was hoping to see you in SD this spring and be you & Mikes "Dupree". Now i have to put up with your bighead husband alone~! I wish i could have said something to you before you left, other than "Im not gay" and " I will Pay the football dues soon". Life is not very fair. From what i knew about you, i thought you were cool beans. Happy, always smiling, unless i kept the bigboy out all night; and a good mom.
    You leave behind a group of people who thought alot of you. I always thought you were cool because you wore that TGI flair! You never complained about my snoring when i passed out at your house. You made my holidays happy when i was by myself in Keywest on a sweltering sailboat. Thank You!
    I will do my best to be Mikes shadow and friend in tow. We will never have a drink or a toast without you. You have made changes in life that will never be forgotten.
    You will be missed Carmen, and if all goes well here on terra firma we will see you sometime soon.

    Please wait for us maniacs! :)

    your friend,

    Rick (capt)

  • At 9:09 PM, Anonymous michelle g said…

    I want to say thankyou for being a wonderful husband,friend to Carmen and continue to be great father to Dominic. I am glad you found each other. Carmen will always be in my heart forever, I read everyones comments and think what a great person she is she always made friends and everyone loves her she is one special lady, I am so lucky to have her in my life,and in kali's
    I cannot believe she is gone but she will never be foregotten.
    If you need anything please call me anytime 561-506-8169 I will try my hardest to be there on the 10th
    michelle gumprecht

  • At 9:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear Mike and Dominic,

    Thank you for sharing Carmen's last days with us. She was an amazing woman. She was the first person to reach out to me after my diagnosis of scleroderma. She touched my life forever, and the lives of so many others. I am so sorry that she didn't get her lungs...she was so excited. I am so saddened for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


  • At 10:06 PM, Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said…

    The world has suffered a tragic loss with the passing of Carmen. My thoughts and prayers are with you, her family, and all who knew and loved her.

  • At 4:06 AM, Blogger Merle said…

    Dear Mike, Dominic and all Carmen's family ~~ My very sincere sympathy on the loss of your loved one. At least there is no more pain or struggle for
    her. May you be comforted by that and the memories you have of her. My prayers are with you all. Kindest regards, Merle.

  • At 4:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Mike & Dominic
    I am so sorry for your loss. I wish I could tell you something to take the pain away but there isn't. Just always keep in mind that she is in a better place now without pain and suffering!
    I will always remember our time in Key West when we were all neighbors. Carmen and I have been in touch ever since. She was an amazing person and will always have a special place in my heart. May God bless you and Dominic and help you get through this time of healing.
    Love - Alex, Travis, Darien & Julian Roberson

  • At 7:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Where to begin,

    I'm just so sad, sad she's gone, sad I didn't get to spend more time with all of you but such is the Navy. I miss you all so much and my heart goes out to you Mike and D.

    I'm happy I got to have some of the best times of my life with all of you in Key West, I'm happy she was my friend, and i'm happy I got my football dues on time, :).

    Some short Carmen stories that I was thinking of last night as I sat crying reading her blogs. The Evening she locked Mike, Paul and me out of the house after one of our "Caroline Crawls", lol. Being with you guys when the Rams won their only Super Bowl against the Titans and how excited she was about that, and of course our famous "Glug" party.

    I miss her, of course if there is anything I can do i'm more than happy to help, (314-775-7062, even just to talk about old stories. I love you guys.


  • At 7:19 AM, Anonymous Donnie and Jason Yarbrough said…

    Just wanted to say how sorry we are for your lose. My husband and I were good friend with Carmen in high school and we had good times. We got back in touch on myspace. She will be trully missed. She was a great friend to have. Once again sorry for your lose. Our prayers are with you, your son, and family. We will make a donation in her honor. Her memories will always leave in our hearts.

    God bless,

    Donnie and Jason Yarbrough

  • At 8:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Mike and Dominic: I cannot express my sorrow in the passing of Carmen. I am so grateful for the time that we spent with you two and Carmen just three weeks ago.

    Carmen will be greatly missed and I love you guys and her.

    Love, Heidi
    Glastonbury, CT

  • At 10:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Mike and Dominic
    Words can not express how truley sorry we are for your loss. Carmen touched our lives in such a special way. She was there with me in the delivery room for Zach and was one of the first people to see and touch him, she helped me through a very tough delivery---I could never thank her enough for that. My heart aches for your loss and please let us know if we can do anything for you. God bless you and Dominic. Rest in peace Carmen know that you will be missed and loved. love the Jarvis Family

  • At 10:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Knowing that Carmen is "easily" breathing heaven's air, and always has been a true angel, helps comfort this enormous loss. She has touched our lives so much even by the couple of times that we've been able to get together. Her smile and kindness will be remembered always. The hardest part is the people that she's left behind. Our saddness right now for Mike and Dominic and the rest of the family is more than words can express. If only we didn't live so far apart I would be there to give you my love and hugs today. We are all so deeply saddened. Mike, we know why you fell in love with her, and Dominic she loved you and your Dad more than words can express. I know she'll be watching over both of you always.
    Life here on earth? Sometimes I don't understand why things happen the way they do. I guess....In God's plan Carmen finished her work here on earth and now God has bigger plans for her.
    I pray.....Carmen, sweet angel, loving, beautiful inside and out, thanks for the pictures, the blog, your sweetness and genuine love, you will be greatly missed and your memories never forgotten. We will all see you again someday....

    Love, Auntie Linda, Uncle Bob, Matt, Brad and Lindsay

  • At 10:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


  • At 10:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


  • At 10:31 AM, Blogger Michelle said…

    Mike, Dominic, Marty, Sharon, Nick and Mike's Family,

    I am so sorry for your loss. I can not express how deeply sad I am by this news and the loss of such a beautiful person. Carmen will never be forgotten and will always be missed. I wish that you can find peace in this terrible time for your family. Please remember how much she loved all of you and how much she spoke of you all often. She will be greatly missed in the Doyle family and will always be part of our lives.

    I truly have never met anyone like her before, and no one will ever compare. I thank God that I had her in my life for almost 6 years, certainly not enough, but 6 wonderful years.

    I pray that you can comfort each other with the memories and laughter that she brought every where that she went. She was every way!

    I will miss her deeply!

    Michelle, Dave and Connor

  • At 11:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Michael, my truly broken heart goes out for you and Dominic. If what I or anyone else is feeling is compounded by a million times, I cannot imagine what you, Dominic, Sharon, Marty and Nik must possibly feel. I know that my friends and family have helped Raena and me get through the last 24 hours. I have not been able to process this yet, as I am sure is true for you all. This will take forever, and we will all support each other, knowing Carmen is safe. I loved her so much, you guys. She was our pride and joy. The first grandchild, first neice and first cousin. Smile Carmen, you were always Muh's favorite.

    Loving you forever,

    Auntie Pam

  • At 12:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    We are deeply sorry that we can't be there with you, Dominic, and your families Mike but know that we are with you and thinking about you all. You will all be in our thoughts and prayers, and Carmen will never by forgotten. We love you all so much!

    Sherri, Scott, Niki and Drew Lattibeaudeir

  • At 12:32 PM, Anonymous Cece - Key West said…

    To Mike and Dominic,
    I was an old high school friend of Carmen's and am very thankful to MySpace because we were able to re-connect after all these years. I am very appreciative for all of the very nice and good wishes she ever sent me... She will be greatly missed... Please know that both you and your son will be in my thoughts and prayers... There will always be a special place in my heart for Carmen.
    With love and God Bless,
    Cece (Gartenmayer) Hoversen

  • At 2:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i dont even know where to begin, Mike & Dominic god bless the both of you and all your strength. This is Lindsay, Carmens cousin in STL. I just wanted to remind everyone that Carmen is now in a better place with "Muh" shoppin,poppin popcorn the old fashioned way, chewin on a 1/2piece of doulblemint gum watchin Golden Girls snugglin on the luvseat! Let me tell you i am jealous, those two ladies are havin fun and were here. I hope to see you in the near future. Love always

  • At 3:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Mike,Dominic and Family

    I'd like to share a few words of encouragement in this your time of sorrow. God said I am the resurrection and the life he who believes in me will live even though he dies. and as a mother comforts her child/ren so will the Lord comfort you at this time and always,God bless you all may God give you strength,comfort and peace.Thanks again Mike for being a wonderful friend,lover and husband to such a loving and caring wife.
    May you rest in pease Carmen....

    Rayshon Lyons
    (Key West, Fl)

  • At 4:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dawn and I are so sorry to hear of the loss of Carmen. She was an amazing lady and we will always remember her laughter and her smile. Our prayers are with you and Dominic during this difficut time. May God give you and your son peace and faith in knowing that someday you will meet again. Peace be with you my friend... God Bless you and your family. Tony and Dawn Geron, Bangor Washington

  • At 4:40 PM, Blogger thordora said…

    I don't know you, but had been following Carmen's struggle on Granny's site. I'm am so very sorry for your loss, and hers. I'm sure she will miss all of you as much as you'll miss her.

  • At 7:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm at a loss and have so many things to say but can't seem to get anything out. I am in shock and disbelief. Carmen has made such an impact in my life. We have shared so many memories, helped each other through rough times, and enjoyed many, many great times! I am so proud, lucky and blessed to have shared 14 years of friendship with this amazing woman. She is the best friend anyone could ever ask for. She had such a way of being tough, not taking any crap, to still remaining sweet - at the same time! Our trademark line had to be "I canNOT talk now!" Once she called me and I had drank way, way too much. All I could yell across the room was "I canNOT talk now!". I think everytime we spoke to each other after that she made sure to tell me that... And I'll never forget the time she met my boyfriend, and told him privately "If you ever hurt her, I'll kick your *ss with my oxygen and all!". We always had each others backs! There's so many great memories with Carmen... Mike, thank you so much for posting everyday. You are a phenomenal husband and father. Mike, Dominic, Sharon and Marty: My heart and mind is with you, now and always. I am always here for you. Carmen, my longest and best friend, may you rest in peace. I love you girl. It won't be the same around here without you. Love always, Liz Hecht

  • At 8:12 PM, Blogger Tara said…

    Mike, I don't know what to say. I have come back to Carmen's blog over and over since yesterday. Not knowing what to say -- and not being able to see through my tears to post. I cry because I'll miss Carmen and then smile because I think of some of the things she did or said. I am so happy that we were able to experience Key West with you guys. I have so many wonderful memories of "Club 130C". It is not surprising at all to see all the love being outpoured to you guys from all over the world. -- Carmen was a loyal friend, and I feel so blessed to call her my friend. She will live on in our hearts and our stories forever. I know you & D will make it through this, because Carmen will be there in spirit pushing you along and comforting you. We love you and will pray for comfort for all of you. Tara, Aaron, Kai & Micah Eckard

  • At 12:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I like everyone else am so shocked that Carmen is gone. I really thought with her determination she would pull through this and get a new pair of lungs. But like somebody posted earlier, God had other plans for her. I bet she is in heaven taking sweet, deep beautiful breaths!! Like I keep saying, I have not known Carmen for a long time, but the little I knew her had SUCH and impact on me. Her attitude was the best I have ever seen in someone w/ such a bad illness. She rarely, if ever complained.
    Thank God she had such an incredible husband and son (and other family) around her in her last years.
    I will truly miss her and her silly e-mails! I am crying so hard I can barely type.
    Love, Hillary

    PS. I will be at her funeral service.

  • At 3:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dominic, Mike, Sharon, Marty, Nicky and all of Carmen's friends and family. So many of us are grieving for you. You are so sad and heart broken because Carmen was truly loved by us all. She is sweet and beautiful inside and out. I grieve for all of you. She will be honored by the way I treat everyone I meet. Everyone deserves a smile and hug. Carmen will live on in all of us. God bless you all.

  • At 9:17 AM, Blogger Melinda said…

    Mike & Dominic,

    You are in our thoughts. I know that we have only recently met, but Chad thinks the world of you. He was so excited when he found out we were moving here and that you and Carmen and Dominic were here. I was so excited to have new friends waiting. I know I didn't get the chance to know Carmen the way everyone else knew her. But I know she was an amazing person. From the talks on the phone with her, her emails and messages on myspace..... and the conversation we shared over wine that night we came over for the Nascar party..... Carmen has a very special place in my heart, always. Mike, if you need any help, any at all, please, please call us. I am home most of the time, and I'm available to help if you need anything.

  • At 11:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am so sorry for the loss you and Dominic have had. I knew Carmen back when we all lived in Key West....Oh the good times that we all shared :o) She was like a big sister to me back then. She was always smiling and could always make you laugh. Having a son the same age as Dominic it makes me sad to know she will not physically see him grow up into the young gentleman that she wants him to be. She will however always be watching out for him and guiding him through his well as your's Mike. Cherish your memories and keep her spirit alive through your stories and memories of her. She will be greatly missed and forever loved by so many!!! are a wonfderful person..those of us who had the priveledge to know you and to be graced by your friendship will forever be blessed by it. May you rest in peace and always smile down on us.


  • At 12:00 PM, Anonymous carmen diaz said…

    can't belive my gurl is gone, I'm soooo sorry for you guys, whe was a great person to know, I never in all the years that we were freinds heard her say anything bad about anyone or ever see her sad she is gonna be missed by all who were friends with her..LOV YA & GONNA MISS TALIKNG TO YOU ON MYSPACE!!!!

    Carmen Diaz
    kw fl

  • At 4:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am so sorry! Carmen will never be forgotten. I will treasure our good times in Connecticut always!
    Stephanie B.

  • At 6:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Bill Feller here,
    Mike I am so, so sorry for the loss of your love. I know how sad and hurt you are. At least when she gets to heaven Char will be there with her and they will both be lookin gdown upon us and know that our lives do go on. I am sorry but I will not be able to attend the services for Carmen but I will be there in spirit. When this has passed and you want to you can call me anytime brother. I will keep you and Dominic in my prayers and hope that you two will take the time to cherish the Carmens memory. If Dominic needs a kid to talk to about losing his mom he can call Kyle in GA and they can talk and share. I thank god you and carmen came into Charlottes and my lives. Her memory will be forever cherished as a great friend and gracious hostess who would let me crash at her place anytime. Call me when you can brother. Bill

  • At 7:54 PM, Blogger l said…

    I know that there are no words to express what you must be feeling at this time. I can only say that I was blessed and have become a better person because I was friends with Carmen. I know that she loved to talk about her family and how much she really loved you all. I know that she had a strong spirit and will to fight and make everything alright. I am so hurt that I didn't get the chance to tell her what I did because of her inspiration. I will never forget her and she will always be in my heart. I pray that God will keep and comfort you. To the family, I will pray for peace and healing. May God bless you and I'm so blessed to have known such a sweet, sweet person, Love Candy Moorhouse, Charleston, SC

  • At 7:48 AM, Blogger Matt-Man said…

    I am so very sorry...God Bless You and Your Family.

  • At 2:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    When somebody dies, a cloud turns into an angel and flies up to tell God to put another flower on a pillow. A bird gives the message back to the world, and sings a silent prayer that makes the rain cry. People disappear, but they never really go away.The spirits up there put the sun to bed, wake up grass, and spin the earth in dizzy circles.Sometimes you can see them dancing in a cloud during the day-time, when they're supposed to be sleeping. They paint the rainbows and also the sunsets and make waves splash and tug at the tide. They toss shooting stars and listen to wishes. And then they sing wind-songs,they whisper to us, don't miss me to much. The view is nice and I'm doing just fine.

    This is how I picture Carmen dancing in the clouds watching over Mike and Dominic and wanting them to know how much she loved them. Now she can watch you guys grow with no suffering, I picture her smiling down on her family, and think how proud she must be knowing her men are so strong.

    Always in our prayers.
    Nikki, Joe, Josh and Emily

  • At 5:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    May God Bless you and your family. I am so terribly sorry for your loss. Carmen did not know me personally. I faithfully read posts online. I am a 41 yr old mom with scleroderma. I hope and pray that one day there will be a cure for this devasting disease so that so many families will not have to endure pain and suffering. Thank you for your dedication to Scleroderma. You will be in my prayers.


  • At 6:49 PM, Blogger Mary said…

    My sincere sympathies in the passing of Carmen.

    Do not stand at my grave and weep,
    I am not there, I do not sleep.

    I am a thousand winds that blow,
    I am the softly falling snow.
    I am the gentle showers of rain,
    I am the fields of ripening grain.

    I am in the morning hush,
    I am in the graceful rush
    Of beautiful birds in circling flight,
    I am the starshine of the night.

    I am in the flowers that bloom,
    I am in a quiet room,
    I am the birds that sing,
    I am in each lovely thing.

    Do not stand at my grave and cry,
    I am not there. I do not die.

    ~ Mary Frye of Baltimore, Maryland in 1932~

  • At 8:47 PM, Anonymous bella said…

    I'm so, so sorry for your loss. Carmen was a sweet internet friend to me. I will miss her.
    Blessings to you and your family during this sad time.

  • At 12:47 PM, Blogger Leah said…

    came your way via bella. after reading much of carmen's blog, i can what a beautiful person she was.

    i'm so sorry for your loss.

  • At 11:47 AM, Blogger Laura said…

    Mike, another blog friend of Carmen's here. I am so, so sorry for your loss and Dominic's loss of his mother. Carmen was a beautiful woman and will be greatly missed!

    Carmen, I miss you and hope you are at peace and breathing freely again!

  • At 10:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I meant to say this at the end of your old man's speech on saturday but as you know I did not make all the way. Anyway I know you don't like hard rock music,but Ozzie Osbourne said it best "So long baby girl I'll see you on the other side"Love you always Uncle Brad


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